COVID-19 Shopping Updates

As you all know, each day brings new guidelines for living in the COVID-19 pandemic. As our governor and attorney general have instructed, new limitations we are revising our current shopping methods to help with social distancing and keeping everyone healthy and safe.

We will continue to open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and closed on Sundays with alternative shopping methods available. We will be offering curbside pick-up, taking orders over the phone or e-mail and having them ready for pick-up at a designated time. These orders can be placed by calling 630-323-1085 or e-mailing us at goersgreenhouse@gmail.com. When coming to the greenhouse we will have numbered parking spots, so if you are doing curbside pick up you can tell us what spot you are in when we bring your items to the car. We will roll the cart out to your car and have you take the items off your cart an put them into your vehicle. This allows for the least amount of contact. If you need assistance to put items in your car we will do so upon your request. 

To help make the ordering process smoother, we have a complete list of plants we currently have in-stock on our website, as well as the list of tomatoes and peppers we are growing this year to help you plan ahead. We thank you for your patience as most of the time if we don't pick up we are on the phone with another customer. 

We will also continue to offer delivery if you do not wish to leave your home. This is a great option for any planters you want designed and created by our staff or for gifts to loved ones during this time.

In addition to curbside pick-up and delivery, we will be allowing the public to shop at the greenhouse, however we are limiting the number of people at our greenhouse to four customers at a time.  We ask that anyone visiting be mindful of social distancing, and when you are at the indoor checkout area, please limit it to two customers waiting to check out at once. There are check-out tables outside, as well, where we ask you to choose a table that does not already have a customer's items on it. If you are feeling ill at all, we ask that you refrain from coming in to the greenhouse, just as we will stay home when we don't feel well.

By offering these shopping methods we aim to keep customers and employees healthy through all of this while still allowing people access to beautiful Easter flowers and a sense of normalcy to get back in the garden.

As always, thank you for being part of our loyal gardeners.