2023 Pepper List

Here is the list of pepper plants that we are growing for the 2023 season:

Alliance Habanero Primero Red
Ancho Gigantia (Limited) Holy Mole
Aruba Hungarian Hot
Baron (Red Beauty) Hungarian Sweet
"Bernie's" Hungarian Sweet Jalafuego
Big Bertha Jalapeno
Big Red (Limited) Jalapeno Tam
Biscayne Jamaican Yellow
Cajun Belle Lemon Drop
California Wonder Melrose
California Wonder Orange Merlot
Candy Cane Chocolate Cherry Mexi-Bell
Carmen Muscato
Carolina Reaper North Star
Cayenne Large Red Thick Orange Sun (Limited)
Cayenne Long Slim Ozark Giant
Chablis Poblano (Tasty Poblano)
Cherry Pick (Limited) Pot-a-peno (Larger pots only)
Chili Shishito Purple Jalapeno
Chocolate Beauty Red Cherry (Limited)
Cubanelle Red Chili
Crusader Redskin
Devil Serrano Sandia (Limited)
Early Jalapeno Serrano Chili
Early Sunsation Serrano Tampiqueno (Limited)
Fatali (Limited) Sriracha
Fooled You Summer Sweet
Garden Salsa Super Chili
Ghost Super Heavyweight
Giant Marconi Sweet Banana
Golden Greek Pepperocini Thai Hot
Gypsy Trailblazer
Habanero Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion
Habanero Orange Wicked Ghost