2024 Garden Trends

It's that time of year when everyone is reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the future. Experts in every field are making predictions for the trends we will see, including the garden industry.  

From looking at popular colors we will see in plantings to growing trends and how garden spaces will be used and designed, the industry is making lots of predictions. 

Here are a few of the trends we have seen stand out across all of these experts: 

  1. "Hortifuturism" is in! Garden Media Group is predicting this trend will lean in to the strange and other-worldly, with unusual, alien-like plants adorning gardens and terrariums rising in populartiy, brighter neon colors to pop in ldramatic lighting, and even some silver flecks to highlight the bold plants.
  2. In addition to the sci-fi gardening, Goth Gardening will increase in popularity this year, as well. Using darker hues in your plantings, like balck tulips or "Black Prince" snapdragons, will help other colors pop and add a touch of the unexpected to your gardens.
  3. Incorporating polinator-friendly plants into your garden has been important for years, this year, however, there will be a focus on bugs, specifically. From butterflies to bees, having plants in your garden to attract and feed these pollinators will increase in popularity as everyone will try to do their part to help these important little creatures.
  4. Small-space gardening and vertical gardening have been growing in popularity for years, with hanging planters trending for 2024. Not only do these plants help maximize your space, but they tend to be more low maintenance as they have increased airflow to help prevent rotting.
  5. Colors for 2024: As we said, Garden Media Group sees bright colors to create alien--like gardens in 2024, and they have chosen Cyber Lime to be the color of the year. Pantone chooses a color each year as well, one that you will see in a number of industries like fashion, interior design and marketing. They chose Peach Fuzz as the 2023 color of the year, representing heartfelt kindness in a time of turmoil. Using terracotta and Viva Magenta together in your garden can bring lots of warm tones to your summer gardens.
  6. Plants of the Year: Each year, the National Garden Bureau names a few different plants of the year. These plants are chosen because they are popular, easy-to-grow, widely adaptable, genetically diverse, and versatile. The plants of the years are as follows:
  • Perennial of the Year: Hosta 
  • Annual of the Year: Angelonia 
  • Bulb of the Year: Lily
  • Edible of the Year: Squah 
  • Shrub of the Year: Buddleia 
  • Houseplant of the Year: African Violet