Greenhouse Guide May 2021

map of greenhouse
As our gardeners know, May is our busiest season. Here is a guide to give you a general ideas to where to find the plant you are looking for while visiting the greenhouse. Please keep in mind that our stock changes every day, with plants being purchased and deliveries arriving daily.
Still can't find what you're looking for? Ask a salesperson for the specific plant you are looking for as we may be out of stock.
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into our second spring season, we are asking our customers to continue to listen to the guidelines provided by the CDC. Masks must be worn while shopping at the greenhouse, both indoors and outdoors. We ask that patrons social distance whenever possible, and allow ample space at the checkout tables and counters. Please be patient as our employees will do their best to keep the lines moving at checkout to get you home to garden.
Please continue to keep a watch on the overnight lows as many tender plants, such as tropical plants, zinnias and tomatoes, will need protection until our warm summer temperatures have arrived. 
Our online store is too difficult to keep current during our busy season, with daily deliveries and plants being purchased by our high volume of customers during these first weeks of the planting season. Please use it as a guide to see what we offer and to give you a shopping list for while visiting the greenhouse. 
If you need assistance with designing a container garden, we ask that you visit during our non-peak hours when the designers have more availability to help. Weekdays in the morning or evening are best. We also offer design services if you want to leave your planters with us or give us measurements to create a liner to slip into place.
Happy planting!