Houseplants: They’re Not Just for Show

Many gardeners have houseplants during the winter to bring a little bit of the outdoors in, and some green into the otherwise gray and white environment.  But did you know that having houseplants in your home can actually improve your health?   

Here are a few reasons you should have houseplants: 

  • Plants are Cold-Fighters: According to, indoor plants reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30% due to the fact that they increase humidity while decreasing levels of dust in the air.  
  • Plants can remove airborne contaminants while also reducing the levels of carbon dioxide: During the process of photosynthesis, plants draw in carbon dioxide from the air and then release oxygen. By drawing in the carbon dioxide in your home, plants are not only removing CO2 which can help prevent drowsiness but also purify your air. Indoor plants help remove pollutants including VOCs that cause headaches, nausea, and more. It has also been found that certain plants, such as the Peace Lily, can help remove airborne chemicals from cigarette smoke and negate the effects they have on people. 
  • Plants are a Headache Medicine: By filling your home with plants, you can decrease or eliminate headaches all-together.  This comes as a result of having cleaner air flowing through your home.  Stale or stuffy air is often to blame for headaches, but the plants help reduce that. 
  • Houseplants make you Happy: According to, it has been found that houseplants can contribute to a feeling of well-being, and make you calmer and more optimistic. There have been studies performed that have shown recovering patients who face a garden view in their hospital rooms often recuperate more quickly than those facing a wall. 
  • Plants help your brain work better & aid your mental health: It was found at The Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester, England, that students demonstrated 70 percent greater attentiveness when they’re taught in rooms that contained plants. In the same study, attendance was higher for lectures given in classrooms with plants. Not only can potted flowers improve your ideas and mood, but caring for a living thing can help when you’re depressed and lonely.  Winter is a time when many struggle with depression because of the lack of sun and the cold, so now is the perfect time to incorporate plants into your home.  
  • Plants & Allergies:  While many people fight allergens like mold and pollen, bringing a plant into your home can help prevent your kids from having allergies.  Exposing them to these allergens early on in life will help them build a tolerance and immunity to them. 
  • Plants are natural humidifiers: During the winter, when your furnace is pumping dry air into your home, having plants around can help add humidity to the air.  Instead of buying a humidifier machine to soften the air, just bring in a plant or two. 

Good news! We are open all winter long, and carry a wide variety of houseplants to help brighten your home, boost your health and keep your thumb green until spring.