Why the Easter Lily?

Only one flower truly represents the spirit of Spring and Easter: the Easter Lily.  


Officially discovered in Japan (1777), the Easter Lily started being produced in The United States during World War I.  A soldier, named Louis Houghton, saw the flowers in Europe and was so taken with them he brought the lily bulbs back to give to his family and friends.  Their popularity grew and by 1945 over 1000 growers on the west coast were producing the bulbs.  Today, 95% of all Easter lilies come from California and Oregon.  


The pure white blossoms have long symbolized HOPE, PURITY and NEW LIFE.  And of course, the trumpet-shaped flowers are heralding the arrival of Spring when the earth comes alive once again.

The Easter lily reflects the LIFE, DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST.  White symbolizes the purity of Christ's life, which was free from sin. Easter lilies grow from bulbs that must be buried for three years before they bloom into flowers.  This is a representation of Jesus' death,burial and resurrection three days later (Easter morning).  The trumpet-shaped flowers announce the good news...."JESUS HAS RISEN!"


....to celebrate Christ's resurrection and gift of eternal life (HOPE for all Christians) 

....to welcome Spring 

....to share the symbol of HOPE with your family and friends. (Which we all need right now).

Our Easter lilies arrived this past week and are ready to bring hope and Easter spirit to your home. You can call or email your order for a curbside pick-up or get free deliverythrough April 11 with local deliveries to Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Western Springs, and Willowbrook. Other local deliveries will have a reduced fee of $7.00.

We have the following sizes available, as well as a variety of plants you can read about on our website.

6 ½ ” Easter Lily (6+ buds and flowers) $15.00

8” Easter Lily Double Stem (10+ buds) $30.00

10” Easter Lily Triple Stem (15+ buds) $45.00