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Helping Out the Little Guys: Attracting Pollinators toYour Garden

When planting a garden, you want your plants as healthy as possible. You water them, amend the soil, fertilize them and prune them. There is something, however, that often gets overlooked, pollinating.   Now I’m not saying you should get out there with a q-tip and take care of business, but by planting specific plants, you can naturally attract various pollinators to help keep your flowers happy. While we appreciate the beautiful blooms they produce, these flowers are really trying to attract the pollinator that can help it achieve its purpose, and in return they get a good meal.   Planting a variety of flowering plants with different blossom shapes, colors, heights and bloom times can help continuously bring these little guys...

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It's Grow Time! Spring 2022 at Goers

Another spring is here! Below you will see the greenhouse map for this year to help you locate what you are looking for during your trips to the greenhouse. We have some new exciting varieties this year, in addition to items we have carreid in the past. Due to the high volume of customers and inventory moving through the greenhouse over the next few weeks, as well as the lack of staff to manage, our online store will be temporarily closed.   You can still view the online store to preview the plants we carry, though we cannot guarantee that plant will be in-stock when you arrive to make your purchases. Please note that if the plant says "Out of...

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Decoding Plant Tags

When shopping for plants, the plant tags are the key to figuring out what to buy. A lot of times you can stroll through a garden center and look for what catches your eye, but if it’s early in the season, plants are not at their mature height yet, or may not even be flowering.  This is especially true for perennials that do not bloom from spring through fall.  By reading the plant tags thoroughly, you can learn just what to expect from each plant you select.  The first thing you’ll notice on the tag is the picture.  This however, should not be what determines whether or not you purchase the plant. Between tags fading in the sun or mistakes...

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We're Hiring!

Goers Greenhouse has a few openings for both full time and seasonal employees. See below and if you are intersted or have additional questions, please contact us at Greenhouse Staff Member Job description: Our greenhouse staff team members support our daily operations and sales associates with a variety of tasks and responsibilities each day. This active job will allow you to enjoy the outdoors during your day and work with a family business that has been in Hinsdale for over 55 years. Responsibilities: Assisting with making deliveries in the local area Unloading delivery trucks at the greenhouse Restocking inventory in the sales areas Watering plants both indoors and outdoors Helping customers pack items and possibly carry to their vehicles Helping...

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Early Spring Garden Checklist

We're all eager to get out in our gardens and get started with our growing season. While we wait for the soil and air temperatures to warm up, here's a quick list of things you an do to get ready for your season.

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