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We're hiring!

Vern Goers Greenhouse is looking to add to our team! Greenhouse Sales Associate Job description: Our greenhouse sales associates assist customers with plant selection and design, as well as a variety of tasks and responsibilities each day. This active job will allow you to enjoy the outdoors during your day and work with a family business that has been in Hinsdale for over 55 years. Responsibilities Provide a friendly and efficient customer experience Build rapport through customer interactions Give customers suggestions to aid in their experience Greet and acknowledge all Customers and provide Best in Class service Keeps all endcaps, side merchandise and sale items full and in stock Maintain customer readiness standards by keeping sales floor clean, including shelves,...

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Summer Watering Tips

With summer officially here, here are a few tips for watering your garden to keep your plants looking great all summer long: Water deeply and less often. This will encourage your plants to develop deep roots, which will help them to withstand dry conditions. Water at the base of the plant, not on the leaves. Wetting the leaves can encourage the spread of disease. Water in the morning or evening. Watering during the heat of the day can cause water to evaporate quickly, and it can also stress plants. Mulch around your plants. Mulch helps to keep the soil moist and cool, which can help to reduce the amount of water you need to use. Check the soil moisture before you water. Stick your finger...

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How to Grow Cucumbers in the Midwest

  Cucumbers are a delicious and versatile vegetable that can be enjoyed in many different ways. They are also relatively easy to grow in the Midwest, as long as you follow a few simple tips. When to Plant Cucumbers are a warm-season crop, so it is important to wait until the soil has warmed up before planting. In the Midwest, this is usually around two weeks after the last frost date. You can also start cucumbers indoors a few weeks before the last frost date, and then transplant them outdoors once the weather warms up. Where to Plant Cucumbers need full sun and well-drained soil. They also prefer a slightly acidic soil, with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. If...

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5 Ways to Prevent Weeds in Your Garden

Weeds are a nuisance in any garden. They can crowd out your plants, compete for water and nutrients, and make your garden look unsightly. But there are a number of things you can do to prevent weeds from taking over your garden. Here are five ways to prevent weeds in your garden: Prepare your soil properly. Before you plant anything in your garden, take the time to prepare the soil properly. This means removing any weeds, rocks, or debris. You should also add compost or other organic matter to the soil to improve drainage and fertility. Identify the weeds in your garden. This will help you to choose the best method of control. Mulch your garden. Mulch is a great way to suppress...

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