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Mums the Word.

As the summer winds down and kids go back to school, our gardens begin to go back to mums.  Planting everyone’s favorite fall flower goes hand in hand with buying school supplies. Along with beautiful mums, asters, kale, cabbage and rudbeckia are in their full glory this time of year. There’s lots left to plant and enjoy.   Mums are a beautiful perennial that you can use in your garden or containers. Mixing together varieties of early and late blooming mums gives you loads of color the whole season long.  They also coordinate well with the other fall favorites.   Cabbage and kale come in many varieties to accent your planters this time of year.  They come in different shades of green and purple, and in many different foliage...

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Hummingbird Haven

Hummingbirds are great little birds to watch zip about your yard.  The secret to attracting these little guys to your yard comes down to food.  Not only can you use hummingbird feeders to attract hummingbirds, but what flowers you have in your garden can draw them to your yard, too. Hummingbirds look for certain qualities in flowers.  While they are attracted to blooms of all colors, they particularly like red flowers.  They also like flowers that have a tubular shape that they can stick their nose into.  Any sweet smelling flower will also attract them.  It’s best to plant flowers in your garden that bloom at different times throughout the season, to continually provide food for the little hummers. Here...

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Greenhouse Guide May 2021

As our gardeners know, May is our busiest season. Here is a guide to give you a general ideas to where to find the plant you are looking for while visiting the greenhouse. Please keep in mind that our stock changes every day, with plants being purchased and deliveries arriving daily. Still can't find what you're looking for? Ask a salesperson for the specific plant you are looking for as we may be out of stock. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into our second spring season, we are asking our customers to continue to listen to the guidelines provided by the CDC. Masks must be worn while shopping at the greenhouse, both indoors and outdoors. We ask that patrons social...

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2021 Peppers & Tomatoes

Abe Lincoln-Improved  Jet Star  Amish Paste  Juliet  Beefmaster  Lemon Boy  Beefsteak  Marglobe  Better Boy  Mortgage Lifter  Better Bush  Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian  Big Beef  Patio  Big Boy  Pineapple  Black Krim  Rapunzel  Black Opal  Red Cherry Large  Box Car Willie  Red Pear  Brandywine  Red Zebra  Brandywine Red Roma  Brown Berry  Rutgers  Campbells 33  San Marzano  Carmello  Skyreacher Caspian Pink  Soldacki  Celebrity  Speckled Roman  Champion  Sungold  Cherokee Purple  Sun Sugar Chocolate Cherry  Supersonic Hybrid  Delicious  Supersweet 100  Early Girl  Supremo Fantastic  Sweet Million  Gardener's Delight  Thessaloniki  Giant Belgium  Tomatillo Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry  Golden Jubilee  Tomatill Super Verde Hybrid Goliath Bush Hybrid  Tomatillo Tamayo  Green Zebra  Ultimate Opener  Healthkick  Virginia Sweets  Indigo Cherry Drop  Yellow Pear  Alliance Holy Mole Aruba Hungarian Hot...

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